Recycling segregation systems for trash
                     chute applications. Manufactured by Nu-Recycling Technology, Inc. near Chicago, Illinois -
                     Worldwide distribution




The NuReTec®8000 Probiotic Microbes Digest Organic Matter 24 Hours/Day, 7 Days/Week to Eliminate Trash Chute Pollutants.

Using our programmable Bio-Logic pump and specially formulated Bio-Logic Cleaner, the NuReTec®8000 automatically dispenses just enough solution to coat the chute walls once a week with a good bacterial agent that rids the chute of organic build-up and significantly reduces odor.

Features & Benefits for You:

A Green Product That Cleans Naturally

  • Operates Automatically
  • Prevents Fire Hazards
  • No Maintenance Time Required
  • Reduces Clean-Up Time & Costs
  • Eliminates Odors & Harmful Bacteria
  • Promotes Healthy Indoor Air Quality
  • Extends the life of the trash chute
  • Less costly than "one-time" chute cleaning

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